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Fabwigs Hair Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 24, 2016

Wig, the ancient Chinese called Ti, wig (pinyin: d ì), wig ti (pinyin: b ì), not by an artificial simulation of naturally grown hair, worn for different purposes. In Asia, China occurs very early wigs, mentioned a number of times in the book of songs. To the spring and Autumn period (770 BC-476 BC) and the wig started to prevail in China. Japan traditional hairstyle is often coupled with a wig comb. Korean Goryeo dynasty (ad 918-1392) became popular to wear fake hair. Africa ancient Egypt over more than 4,000 years ago, started with a wig, is the world's first national to use wigs, wig and spread to Europe. Wig appears in various forms in the performing arts and ritual forms of wear. In the United Kingdom and most Commonwealth countries, wigs are one of the barristers and judges of court dress.

Fabwigs Hair Products Co.,Ltd